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We alwayS aim to give a comprehensive answer to the different problems of the food sector companies, about the IFS and BRC standards and their implementation and about the fulfillment of the regulations established by the FDA to export products to the USA. The internationalization of these companies requires complying with a number of worldwide requirements contained in the IFS, BRC and FDA regulations.

Organized for these purposes, we count on the experience in the implementation of IFS and BRC standards and in the fulfillment of the requirements set by the FDA of the  (CNTA), on the advice, risk and vulnerability analysis and security systems, on the protection in terms of Cybersecurity of  S21sec,on the technology and production process controls oWaf Estructuras Digitales, and on the communication systems of  Masscommall of which is under the supervision, advice and IFS and BRC certification of  OCA certification.

The soLutions that we offer range (depending on the needs of each company) from a total implementation in IFS or BRCassistance to meet the requirements set to export to the USA with the approval of the FDA, the maintenance of the relevant certifications, the introduction of physical and logical security measures, the control of critical points in production chains and the IFS and BRC certifications.

We bring oUr experience together and we draw up a global risk analysis or a vulnerability report that enables our clients to know where they are at present and which is their goal in the fulfillment of these standards; therefore, we adapt to each type of company, regardless of their size or relevance in the sector.

We align the investment with the Company’s goals, therefore reaching a balanced implementation and a sustained development regarding the company’s improvement.

We Implement and certificate these standards within the same action plan, with an economic assessment adapted to the needs of each client and their further development by means of a Technical Management, the implementation of a system appropriate to each need and a comprehensive service in three areas: Physics, Logic and Process Security.

We Organize Food Defense teams in the companies that implement IFS, BRC or that export to the USA according to the FDA standards.

We Never give up faced with adversity and the problem of our client is our problem.

We tEach our experience in procedures by giving Food Defense courses (adapted to each project) to the companies’ personnel.

We are always at the Service of our clients.